Lisa Whitsell

Lisa Whitsell is an IT guru and owner of BeWib LLC.  She wants to help women be more successful online dating.  And it can work!  She has had successful relationships from dating apps and also has some horror stories she would like to share to help women all over empower themselves to be more successful and safer.  Using her IT background has helped her to be able to quickly spot a scammer.  And soon you will be able to as well!


BeWib LLC specializes in custom software, digital marketing, websites and SEO.  For over 20 years Lisa Whitsell has owned IT companies with clients like Carnival Cruise Lines, the State of Colorado, Lafarge, H2O Luxury Yachts, Boston Market and hundreds more.



Contact BeWib LLC

Website:   www.bewib.com

Instagram:  https://instagram.com/bewibllc

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bewibllc



How to Spot a Scammer

Topics include:

  • Scammer Statistics
  • 10 Steps to Spot a Scamer
  • Software You Can Use to Protect Yourself
  • The Type of Men You’ll Meet Online
Event Postponed
We are hoping to reschedule for January or February 2021. No refunds offered. You may transfer your registration to another name if desired.