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Chelli Pumphrey

Chelli Pumphrey

Chelli Pumphrey, MA, LPC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Relationship Expert with 25 years of experience working as a psychotherapist and coach, and is the Founder and Clinical Director of Trilogy Holistic Mental Health. With a motto of be brave, be you, be loved, Chelli blends her knowledge of psychology, adult attachment, and the science of the brain to help people heal and open their hearts to love.  Along with attachment, she also specializes in treating trauma, anxiety, dating and relationship issues for singles, and more using a holistic, mind, body, spirit focused approach.  Her offerings include coaching, therapy, online courses, and retreats. She is also a featured relationship coach in Leap: The Coaching Movie, a film about the transformative power of coaching.


Trilogy Holistic Mental Health

Trilogy Holistic Mental Health challenges the status quo of traditional mental health by going deeper than just talk therapy.  We listen to the body.  We nurture the spirit.  We honor the whole human being by helping you access your innate capacity to heal with offerings such as psychotherapy, EMDR, Attachment Focused Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, EFT (Tapping), Nutrition, Holistic Health Coaching, Acupuncture, Conscious Breathwork, Reiki, Qoya, and more.

With our team of therapists and healing practitioners, we treat many issues, but also have specialities in treating trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress, Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, depression, adult attachment issues, relationship challenges, combat veterans, women’s issues, addressing chronic illness and the mind-gut connection, and clients who desire to bring a focus on the body and/or their spiritual beliefs into practice.

Trilogy Holistic Mental Health

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Attachment Styles 101:  The Game Changer for Successful Relationships

Topics include:

  • Identify your attachment style
  • Where does attachment come from and what does it have to do with dating?
  • Understanding the four attachment styles
  • Attachment style compatibility
  • How to spot attachment styles online and while dating
  • How to live with your attachment style