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Join other single women on a trip of a lifetime!  We are working on a wine tasting trip to Mendoza, Argentina and a European trip to France or Tuscany.   Send us an email for more information. And let us know where you would like to go!

Che Bella™ (keh BEHL-lah) in Italian Means How Beautiful

The beauty of travel is not really about museums, hotels and restaurants, but rather the unforgettable feelings you experience and the memories you create. It’s about being adventurous and open minded. At Che Bella Tours, we craft tours rich in what we are passionate about: good-life experiences for culture seekers to savor and treasure. We like to think of ourselves as travel mixologists. Our goal is to create the perfect blend of personal passions, cultural encounters, famous landmarks, secret hideaways, art, cuisine, literature and wellness. We add a spicy dash of the unexpected and provide plenty of time to savor the flavors. How beautiful is that?

Why choose Che Bella Tours? 
In the past 12 years we have led over 280 tours in 14 countries. We’ve scoured the cities, created solid relationships with our in-country associates, frequented the off-the-beaten path places that are not in the tour books, and created the “big wow” experiences that define Che Bella Tours.

Connect with women from all over the world, rediscover your passions … or find new ones.

It’s time to get out of town. Andiamo! Let’s go and have some fun.

Sandy Gregory, Owner and Tour Director

Sandy actually became a Tour Director after her own divorce. Since 2008, she has lead hundreds of small-group tours throughout the world, specializing in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, Austria, Greece, Croatia, Australia, New Zealand and The Great Parks of America’s West and Southwest. She met her husband on an online dating sight, and together they travel the world.

Sandy Gregory

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