Heart Speak Therapy
Heart Speak Therapy

Allison Gomer

Allison Gomer is a registered psychotherapist and has a private practice in Denver.  She has a passion to help others become ore aligned with their personal power. Her work builds an awareness of self. So that false beliefs and judgements can be shifted. Allison guides others on how to become more present and how to move emotional energy.  So you can learn to live a more authentic life!

Heart Speak Therapy

Heart Speak Therapy is a place for you to learn more about somatic healing.

Allison also specializes in teaching physiology awareness (how your body feels on a sensational level). Becoming aware of these sensations unlocks the immobilization of false beliefs and experiences.  

Somatic Resonance

So what does body (somatic) awareness help with?

Somatic Healing

Having awareness of your body’s sensations produces a shift, which releases false beliefs and judgements of yourself. This fosters a new perspective of self-acceptance.

Somatic work leads you straight to your emotions. As you become somatically awake, you will see some of these possible outcomes!

  • Gain bodily awareness through sensations.
  • Identify where in your body emotions reside, and where they stem from.
  • Understand patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Unhinge from immobilizing symptoms.

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