types of Men you meet online dating
types of Men you meet online dating

The Men You Meet Online Dating

If you are new to online dating you may not know what to expect. You may want to watch our video first on how online dating is like baseball. Once you have the basics of the game down, you may be wondering what kind of men you will meet online.

Well I am here to give you a little insight on the types of men you will meet online.

Types of Men You Will Meet Online

  1. The military man that is oversees. Of course, he will tell you that he will move to your town in a few weeks – he’s a scammer. Learn more on how to spot a scammer.  He’ll eventually hit you up for prepaid phone cards and gift cards and possibly even money transfers.  All in the name of love, of course!
  2. The actual scammer. He’s usually very good looking and so sad, he is a widow. He recently moved to the US to get over his heartbreak and has a young child. He will tell you everything you ever wanted to hear. Then one day you will get a call from a doctor at a hospital. He and his son or daughter have been in a horrific accident and need a money wire or credit card to admit them to the hospital. DO NOT fall for this ploy. We will actually be able to teach you trued and tried methods of how to spot a scammer before this happens to you at our event.
  3. The clinger.  This guy actually wants to date you and marry you next week.  He has zero self esteem and will glom on to any woman that will pay him the slightest bit of attention. He will constantly text you and call you and cry on the phone.
  4. The younger guy in his 20s. He just wants sex and maybe a sugar Momma. Go for it if you can handle just a sex relationship. And you’re willing to pay for everything.
  5. The married man. He only meets you on a weekday. And never on a Friday or Saturday night because he’s married. He’ll also call you at weird times. Again, because he doesn’t want his wife to know. He may have to occasionally step away from you to take a call.
  6. The player – he’s online all the time and goes on dates every night. He’s super hot.  He will give you just enough attention to keep you wanting more.  But he has a whole bench of ladies he is dating. For more information on “the player” see our video on how online dating is like baseball.
  7. The love bomber. This guy gives you tons of attention and takes you on the perfect date. He’ll tell you all about how you are “the one” and how he can see a future with you. Generally the love bomber is still hung up on an ex and using you to get over her. Or he may simply be seeking attention.
  8. The giver. He will wine and dine you, buy you presents. But as soon as you need him he ghosts you.
  9. The one that just got separated. He will be super clingy at first, perfect gentleman, talks about you meeting his kids etc… But then he goes on other online dates and he ditches you because he decides he needs to sleep with every woman. Remember what you were like when you were newly single?
  10. The swinging couple. These typically post their picture together online and clearly state they are a couple. Go for it if that is what you are into.
  11. The Dom. He wants to control you and please you. Go for it if you like that.
  12. The grass is always greener. He dates you and you have great dates and really like him. But he is online always looking for the next woman to date. And he will eventually find her and break your heart.
  13. The stalker. He scours your online media presence and learns everything about you. Have you seen the Netflix drama YOU? Stay away from the stalker.
  14. The pen pal.  He will endlessly text you and might even call, but will never ask you on an actual date.  He may even go as far as saying things like “We should get together soon.” The pen pal is just looking for an ego boost and most likely looks nothing like his photos or is in a relationship.types of men online

Finding Love Online

We know it can be discouraging, but to be honest it is not all bad. I have met some normal men and have some great guy friends I met online.

So after what seems like endless dates and never knowing if you will ever date again, you find the one. Your one true love. It’s all worth it for him. Never give up on love ladies, he’s out there!

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